Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leprechauns and Sophie Bears

Where do I start...I have just not had the time nor the energy lately to write on here and it has been a concern for me. My energy has been thrown into working with Adrian and following him around in all he does. He is an amazing man and I am in awe of him everyday.

Adrian made the marathon (in the Leprechaun suit) and raised $29,000 for Bears of Hope. Words are not enough to begin to describe the emotion I felt when he crossed that finish line. If it could my heart would have burst from my chest. He is just amazing.

For part of the fundraising I did a video for Adrian of all the trials leading up to the marathon and also to help with awareness.

On Sat night Bears of Hope had their First Annual Gala Dinner to honor all our bubba angles. I helped as part of the committee setting up... the night was beautiful and everything went to plan. Unexpectedly the founders of Bears of Hope got up and talked about the wonderful work that Adrian had done with the Marathon and why he had done the fundraising which was to help them get their own 'Bear of Hope'. We thought we were going to help them design it but to our surprise they launched the bear at the Gala and it was so beautiful. Then they dropped the bombshell... The Bear is named 'Sophie'!!!

What a wonderful honor but such a heartbreak at the same time...to know that family's who lose bubba's in the future in NSW and ACT will receive a bear called 'Sophie'. We were presented with the very first 'Sophie Bear'...she will take pride of place along with our special Sophie Cleo things.
We are still in shock at such a gesture for raising some money. Adrian promised Sophie he would make a difference and he has... I know she is proudly watching over her daddy.