Thursday, February 4, 2010

Her Prints with me always

I spent a lot of time last year looking for something special to have done for Adrian and I with Sophie's prints in gold. There were losts of beautiful options around but I wanted something classic that I could wear eveyday. I finally found one from the UK that was right for me and she did a fantastic job Alexandra's Angel Gifts ! Adrian now wears cufflinks (he has a hand on one and a foot on the other and mine is shown below.
So pretty :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010, hormones and disasters...

If the Dr's had listened to my body in hospital we would have Sophie here and I would still have the use of my uterus. The cards we have been dealt are so not fair, but after a lot of research and soul searching we now know Surrogacy is the option for us and we are moving towards it.

A chance to have Sophie's sibling is exactly what we want. So we are now trying to get some eggs out of my ‘sleeping ovaries’. When we went to Ireland last year we travelled with drugs in an esky and started the process but after all the injections they just wouldn’t wake up. We got 5 follicles but they were too small and the cycle was cancelled. The cycle was what??

Devastation is the best way to describe that outcome. I was so unprepared that this would happen. NO NO NO.. this was meant to work the first time… no strings.. we were meant to get eggs and freeze them so we can implant next June and then have a baby 9 months later! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Evidently when you are on the pill for so long ovaries go to sleep. So this pill which has been saving my life (and not letting me fall pregnant) has also been halting our chances of getting good embies. What a catch 22! Why were we never told any of this?? Suffice to say now that I am on no contraception at all there is little action in our household. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful husband!

This month there were blood tests, the results of which I really don’t understand. I am now on some hard drug called DHEA for menopausal women to help them liven things up.(I call it the Popeye drug because it can make your voice deepen!) Not that I am menopausal.. those words are far from being used, they are just not used to people at IVF having been on contraceptives.Let's face it most women would have not touched them for years by the time they get there!

So at this point I am willing to try anything but all I want to know is I need to turn up the day of my next period for more drugs of a different kind and hopefully we will wake ‘em up! The rest is too complicated. We know we are fertile... we have proof of that… just give me the correct does of drugs and lets get these eggs happening.

Ohhh if it were that simple. The wait is painstaking...