Sunday, August 16, 2009

City to Surf

Last weekend Adrian and I went in the City to Surf with a couple of other girls we have met through Bears of Hope. This race is a 14km run/walk in Sydney from the city to the beach. Adrian ran in the Leprechaun suit as usual but both of us ran (ok I walked!!) for Sophie with this on the back of our shirts... I hope many of the 75,000 people who were in the run saw how proudly we wore her name and prints. Here are Adrian and I with Toni and Kylie. Toni was running for her 7 Angels and Kylie was running for her 2 boys Jesse and Jamie.

Adrian has raised over $13k so far in his training run for the Marathon which is only 4 weeks away now.. I think he will hit $20k! Go LARRY!!

Here we are after the race with Bluey our 'Bear of Hope' and our medals.

Sophie and I are so proud of you Daddy! :)

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