Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Duncan

Over Easter I caught up with an old friend of mine, we worked togther when I first left school. Lee was always loud, happy and boystress and could get anyone to talk. But I saw a light leave her for a long time after she lost her first son Duncan at birth. It was such a shock to everyone and I had never known anyone who had lost a baby.

I used to visit her after losing Duncan, when she was pregnant with both her other children and listen to her talk about Duncan. I used to admire that she spoke so fondly of her little angel. This time I had a completely different view of her world, I was one of the angel club no one ever wants to join.

Lee asked me to bring photo's of Sophie and we shared our baby pics. Just as all mothers do with healthy babies. We were so proud! Lee brought out her memory box and among the cards and pictures there was a handwritten note from me. I had gone to the hospital when she lost Duncan not knowing what to say but knowing I needed to be there for her. I didn't see Lee that time as she was with Duncan so I left a note which the midwives passed on. Was strange seeing it again and knowing I now know exactly how she felt.

Duncan would be 14 now, it doesn't seem that long ago. I am sure Duncan and Sophie have met and they are smiling at their proud mums down here on earth. I know they were with us that night. We love you endlessly.


  1. I am so glad you got to spend time with someone who "gets it." I also have to say the pictures you have shared on your blog of Sophie show just how beautiful she is. You must be such a proud mammy! xxxx

  2. I ADORE your blog!! I can relate to almost everything you're experiences. It's amazing. Thank you. I have had an "angel baby playdate" with another friend's very healing and wonderful to speak of our children so freely & openly! They are alive in us and it's nice to be close to them in those moments and think of them watch'in over us. I LOVE that too!! Thanks for writing...xx