Saturday, April 4, 2009

Milana Matilda Rose - what a beautiful name...

I was getting lost with web searches the other day as I often do and came across a a web page which ultimately lead me to a lady who had almost an identical experience as me. Something so rare happened within a few months and less than an hours drive from one other. What are the odds hey?

We talked for a long time, two strangers with a link very few will ever understand. Maybe it is something we will never understand completely either. Thank you for the talk Tracey, while it brought up everything that happened it also eased some of my grief as it was shared.

Tracey brought her beautiful little Milana Matilda Rose into the world on 23rd Feb 09. Her uterus ruptured at the top and Milana's oxygen was cut off. Milana was breathing on a ventilator for 42 hours before passing in her arms.

It is so cruel that we are given something so special yet have it taken away so abruptly.

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  1. Milana is a beautiful name, and it is so cruel what happened to you both. I know the road you travel is a painful one. You aren't alone on it. xxxx