Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Mood

Apparently I am in a bad mood today. I wonder why!!!??? I am not meant to be living this life! I am meant to be at home having sleepless nights and baby brain. I am meant to be staring at her in awe at how something so amazing can come from us. Instead I am living a nightmare I cannot wake up from. I am confused, upset, and unable to focus on anything for longer than what seems like a few minutes. Not only have we lost out child but with it my confidence and self esteem has been smashed, the happy go lucky person I was before all this seems so far away. I want to go back to the innocent days when we were married and all life had to offer was possibility.

Why do bad things, I mean terrible things happen to GOOD PEOPLE! There are so many horrible people out there who have kids and treat them like dirt, yet we now have to find other ways to have a family.

I wasn't being greedy...all I wanted was SOPHIE!

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