Friday, May 8, 2009

The dreaded mothers day

This Sunday is Mothers Day in Australia. I have mixed emotions about it all. With all the publicity at the moment just getting the grocery's is tearful, let alone the TV commercials. I am a mum but instead of looking after my baby she looks after me.

We usually do the "Mothers Day Classic" for Breast Cancer as Adrian's mother has now been 8 years free of it. It's part of a big day of celebration for them, the walk followed by a lavish lunch somewhere swish.

But this year we cannot be around so many people who have loved and lost. I struggled last year with all the photos of loved ones and names of those's just too painful when you are dealing with your own grief.

So for something completely different we have decided to take our mums and my dad away for the weekend to a Lake up north. Hired a cute little cottage on the water where the dogs can swim to their hearts content and we can eat too much food and drink some bubbles as the sun goes down. Below is a pic of the view from the house... this is something I imagine we will be doing a lot of.

Happy Mothers Day to all us mums!
I hope a star shines down on you all.


  1. Kyles, I'll be thinking of you. And glad the test went ok xxx

  2. If you have time, can you swing by my blog on Mother's Day?
    I won't say why, it should (hopefully) speak for itself.

  3. I'm certainly think'in of all us mums this Mother's day's certainly filled with mixed emotions. I've folded in my tent to lick my wounds and feel my sorrow...and also celebrate my other children. Nothing seems to compensate though for not being able to hold the one I lost. Your day sounds peaceful...what a beautiful place to be close to All the ones you love. xx