Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's amazing all the technical terms we learn once we start dealing with girly bits. Tomorrow I have the test we have been waiting for, a Sonohysterogram. Basically an internal ultrasound using saline, which is better at detecting abnormalities on the inside walls of the uterus. Well WE KNOW there are abnormalities, my uterus 'exploded like a balloon' (using medical terms here) so what tomorrows test will show is the thickness of the scar tissue, which in turn will tell us 'if' we will be able to carry in the future. Scary... I have never wanted a scar to be as big and as thick as I do this one!

Of course this future is still a LONG way off, another 12 months until we could even start trying. Another 12 months of torture wishing Sophie was with us. Adrian still has to agree to my life being put at risk again. I still have 12 months to convince him it will be ok.

In any case the thought of a 'yes' or 'no' is playing on my mind heavily tonight.


  1. I hope the test isn't too stressful for you and the results are what you are hoping for. Hugs xxxx

  2. I've learned, through others, that even if you had another one, it's still torture that you don't have the one you lost. Even though we can have another, I'm waiting to heal some more (mentally) so that I can handle having another and still grieving our son we's such a wild ride! I SO hope for you!! What amazing technology! xx