Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our weekend away

We really need to move by the water somewhere...

It has such a calming effect no matter what is happening in the world. Words don't seem needed when you are staring at such a spectacular view. It has a way of helping to heal even the saddest of hearts.

It was the perfect place to count down the hours until Mothers Day. We paddled with the puppies and enjoyed their excitement. We stared at the view and watched as the boats float on the glassy water. We had a visit each day from a pelican who seemed more interested in the dogs then the people. It was relaxing, it was warming, it was just what we needed.
Mothers Day came and went, there were a few tears but Adrian made sure there were endless cuddles... He made a fruit platter for us for breakfast and later we took our parents out for lunch. It was nice, but we had huge clouds over us...our first MD without our Sophie Bear. Things should have been so different. We should have been there with her showing her the water, letting her feet touch the edge, watching the sunset in all it's beauty and hearing her shriek with delight as the puppies played. It's just not fair at all!

It is so painful being a mum but knowing you cannot share it with anyone on this earth.

My fav photos from our time away, Sammy J and I. These are special to me because we both almost died in the last year but we are both still here enjoying the view.
Did I also mention how much I adore my DH!


  1. Beautiful photos. I remembered Tiger and Sophie this weekend. I hope you liked the picture with their names on it. If you want a copy let me know and I'll email it to you xxxx

  2. Kyles - looks like you had a nice, peaceful time. A much needed getaway. I'm glad.


  3. GORGEOUS pics...we were certainly "under the weather too"...Mother's Day will never quite be the same for us anymore either. We had to work very hard to still be happy with our other children. We managed by the cloud coverage was heavy and we did the minimal amount in order to survive. I taught my kids a new card game...they really like it...I enjoyed their presence but still felt the emptiness...it was a Mother's Day I have never experienced before. I adore your photos of your family..."enjoying the view"...absolutely gorgeous! xx